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​Creative Movement - Ages 3 - 4
Whirl, twirl, bounce and spin while exploring the concepts of movement and basic dance technique through creative movement!  Music, props, and stories will enhance the dance experience while providing basic ballet technique. Young children learn movement coordination, discipline and the rudiments of dance.  The smiles will be endless.

Pre Dance I                                    

    Ages 5-6     

Watch your child blossom and bloom as they explore the concepts of dance through creative movement, learn basic ballet technique and discover rhythm through tap with our combination classes.   Students gain the required skills to progress to the next levels of dance while working on terminology and body awareness, balance and control.  The smiles will be endless.  The knowledge invaluable!

Pre Dance IV - Ages 8 - 9
A combination of jazz and tap technique.  Introduces basic jazz movements while enhancing the students tap vocabulary.  Creative movement and tumbling as well as terminology, body awareness, balance and control are included.

Ballet I - Ages 8 - 10
Beginning ballet technique with emphasis on control and balance.

Ballet II - Ages 10 and up
Traditional ballet training with emphasis on pointe preparation. 

Ballet III - Ages 13 and up
Traditional ballet training with emphasis on pointe technique. 

Ballet IV - Ages 13 and up
Advanced class with emphasis on expression and performance.  All story ballet and Nutcracker solos are cast from this group.


Pointe - Ages 13 and up.  Must meet technique requirements.


Jazz - Ages 8 and up
Ages 9 and up.  A fast paced class that can include many different styles of jazz dance.  Isolation and progressions across the floor to challenge the student's coordination of movement with music with be practiced

Hip Hop Fusion
Done to popular music the class includes popping, locking and other urban street styles of dance.

Beginning through advanced levels.  Students learn to make music with their feet. In addition to coordination and basic tap movements students also learn about rhythm, syncopation and timing.



Based in ballet technique, this class will focus on emotions and storytelling.

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Creative Movement
Pre Dance

Pre Dance II                             Ages 6-7

Pre Dance III                            Ages 7-8

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